Focal Areas of The Conservation Symposium

Each Symposium will focus on specific contemporary issues, but the primary and secondary focal areas are listed below. Special Sessions for 2022 have been included in the list, are highlighted in blue and link to their detailed descriptions. 

Protected and Conserved Areas

Species Conservation

Landscape and Ecosystem Conservation

  • Systematic Conservation Planning
  • Land-Use Planning
  • Securing Critical Biodiversity Areas
  • Ecosystem Restoration
  • Biodiversity Economy
  • Ecosystem Goods and Services and Ecological Infrastructure
  • SPECIAL SESSION: Freshwater Ecosystem Management
  • Ecological and Evolutionary Processes

Conservation Tools

Environmental Education and Awareness

  • Effective Communication
  • Interpretation
  • Role of Social Media in Conserving Biodiversity
  • Citizen Science

Global Change Conservation

  • Conserving in the Face of Global Change
  • Impacts of the COVID and other Pandemics on Conservation

Threats to Biodiversity

  • Biological Invasions
  • Climate Change
  • Land- and Marine-Use Changes (including but not limited to mining activities)
  • Pollution (including but not limited to plastics, herbicides, pesticides, effluents from urban areas, mining, and industry)
  • Exploitation and Unsustainable Resource Use
  • Wildlife Crime
  • SPECIAL SESSION: The World-Wide-Web: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
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