Freshwater Ecosystem Management

Increasing water scarcity and the consequent demands for better methods to both manage and monitor our freshwater systems is an urgent necessity, now more than ever before. This session looks at some of the broader aspects that need to be considered when managing these systems, as well as some of the proposed mechanisms that could be used to better manage these ecosystems going forward.

Often overlooked in mainstream spatial planning, freshwater ecosystem management is becoming more and more of a mainstream concern as water demand increases, with a corresponding decrease in water availability. Unlike in situ land-use management typically associated with the terrestrial realm, freshwater resource requirements and management objectives need to be considered in the context of the entire river catchment system, often passing between multiple management authorities and servicing a range of land-use needs, all of which have downstream impacts. This session looks at how the field of freshwater ecosystem management is mobilising to identify, monitor and inform spatial planning, such that this scarce resource is managed to the benefit of both man and biodiversity.

Open session – researchers and practitioners are encouraged to submit relevant presentations for inclusion in this session. Participation in the session during the Symposium is open to all. Submissions that cannot be incorporated into the session by the convener will be considered for general sessions for the remainder of the programme.

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